Friday, February 22, 2008

A Busy Girl

I finally got my act together and did some swap cards - way before they were due! Now to remember to put the postage in the envelopes before I send them off ;)

Here's the run down and before I forget, all swaps are at Split Coast Stampers.

This was a card I sent to my Little Sister over at Split Coast Stampers. It's a real neat program they run every three months. You are paired off with someone for three months and get to spoil someone as their Big Sister, and answer stamping questions etc. if they should come up. You can also be a Little Sister at the same time and get spoiled while you are spoiling someone else.

Another card I did for my Little Sister. I filled each of them with small embellishments that would fit inside.

The last card I did for her this month. We are only required to send 2 cards a month, but I forgot how to count ;)

This card was a thank you swap I participated in. I also used this stamp set and layout as a sympathy card not to long ago. This Stampin Up set is real versatile.

This is a card from the Cuddlebug swap I'm in and loved the way it turned out. The Cuddlebug is a machine that either cuts images or embosses cards and cardstock. One of the embossing plates I had was a birthday one, so stamped the cake stand and layered it on top of black strip of cardstock that was layered on top of the embossed card. I loved the black and red combination. I think it turned out real well.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I know it's been almost a month since I've posted anything, but rest assured I've been busy. Between tonight and tomorrow I'll have many pieces up here for you - until then here are a few...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New cards for the New Year

As promised, although a day later than promised, here are a few more cards I've done recently. This first batch is from the pink and brown class I took at the Rubber Stamp Lady, aka RSL. When I say I've taken a class, I mean I've paid for the class and taken the kit home to work on it.


I only made a few homemade Christmas cards this year because I was so sick. I had grand plans too and had all kinds of new stamps I was going to use. We ended up buying boxed cards for the guys at work, which all but broke my heart.


This are a few misc cards I've done. I pulled them out of the box to include here. :) Every now and again I get in the mood to stamp and don't have a specific occasion to stamp for, so I work ahead. Getting the class kits really helps too, I've always got misc cards on hand to work on. What makes it really nice is all I have to do is assemble them, the stamping has already been done!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New cards

This week has really seen a variety of card making, whether I liked it or not. I always feel so sad when I'm making sympathy cards, only because I feel the hurt the receiver is feeling.
The first card is my brothers late birthday card - real late birthday card. His 51st, or is it 52ND?, birthday was Saturday Dec. 1st and I feel awful he didn't get it in time. I'm just now getting enough strength to last all day without feeling like I'm dying. The inside of the card says in Dog're dead ;) I'm also sending him a gushy card, but didn't have it done in time for picture taking. I'll try to post it in the next day or two.

The last picture is of a sympathy card I made for my daughter's fiancee. He recently lost his father and I was very sad to learn of it. Loosing a parent is not easy, no matter how old you are at the time. I also made one for his mother, but neglected to take a picture of it.

The second picture is of one of my sample Christmas cards. Since I'm so late in getting them done, (but then again what year aren't I?) I made a smart decision yesterday. I'm only going to make them for family and friends. The cards Jerry exchanges at work, well those are going to be box cards this year -with the exception of our close friends.

I have so much to do, rather to make, but my muse is definitely on Christmas vacation. I'm hoping hoping hoping she turns up here real soon as I really need to get busy. I have to mail the majority of the things I have in mind, and I'm running out of time!

Until next time.....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cards, cards and more cards!

During the few moments I felt good each day (I've been down with bronchitis and pneumonia) I had to come back into my studio and get some cards done. I got out the first round for the month, and the last half of the month was quickly baring down on me. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, along with my sister's 50th birthday - I HAD to get cards out in the mail - and soon!

So here you have my latest contribution. I can't say they are originals as I CASED them from my local LSS. They were done in various classes the last few months and I either did them with the kits I purchased (complete with step by step instructions) or I got them from pictures online.

Hope you enjoy them!