Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New cards for the New Year

As promised, although a day later than promised, here are a few more cards I've done recently. This first batch is from the pink and brown class I took at the Rubber Stamp Lady, aka RSL. When I say I've taken a class, I mean I've paid for the class and taken the kit home to work on it.


I only made a few homemade Christmas cards this year because I was so sick. I had grand plans too and had all kinds of new stamps I was going to use. We ended up buying boxed cards for the guys at work, which all but broke my heart.


This are a few misc cards I've done. I pulled them out of the box to include here. :) Every now and again I get in the mood to stamp and don't have a specific occasion to stamp for, so I work ahead. Getting the class kits really helps too, I've always got misc cards on hand to work on. What makes it really nice is all I have to do is assemble them, the stamping has already been done!

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