Monday, November 12, 2007

Lots and lots of news - and a catch up!

Let's face it, I'm an awful blogger! I get good at updating it for a bit of time, then I disappear for a bit, then I'm back at it. The sad thing is while I'm away I'm constantly reminding myself I need to up date it! It's awful! Tonight, inspite of having the beginnings of the flu or an awful cold and bronchitis (I think it's the later) I decided to get my fingers busy and update the darn thing.

The pictures above are cards I made last month. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the three birthday cards I sent out the beginning of the month so I don't have them for my collection. I actually have a portfolio of all my work and am actually quite proud of it. I like looking back at things I've made - it gives me motivation and ideas believe it or not.

The weather has turned cold down here in Alabama and we actually had two nights of hard freezes last week. Knowing my love of the colder weather, I took full advantage of each cool day. When I put my sweats on for the first time I felt the amazing comfortable feeling overcome me. There is nothing like wearing a pair of sweats that are a tad to big, a long t shirt and a baggy sweatshirt layered over the the bottom of the t shirt shows. I know, the total slob look -but it's comfy!

I got a the new Silhouette from Quickutz and am in seventh heaven. It's a die cutting machine that is hooked up to your computer. It will cut any design you have on the PC as well as any true font. Which means I can now cut out sayings like Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, and things like that for cards, and can cut out titles for my scrapbook pages. Now to get busy and actually use it! I've not done any creating in the last few weeks and am definetly feeling the pull to do so.

Until tomorrow - I promise!

Kathy and the boys

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